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Acryl Nail Gel Kit for Extension Nails

Acryl Nail Gel Kit for Extension Nails

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Product Description:

Product Description
Product Name
Poly Nail Gel Kits
Clear, Pink, Nude, Whire
1pcs poly gel, 1pcs clipper, 1box nail tips mould, 1pcs nail file, 1pcs nail brush, 1pcs stick
Nail Art Beauty, Nail Salon, Nail SPA or Training etc and Online sales
1 Cut, file and shape your own nails
2 Clean your own nail
3 Select the proper tip by matching the width of your natural nail
4 Apply the poly gel into the tip 
5 Press the tips to your nails and cure under UV Led Lamp 60s
6 Take off the tips and file the shape as you need
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