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BIOAQUA Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil Acne Treatment Blackhead Remover

BIOAQUA Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil Acne Treatment Blackhead Remover

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BIOAQUA100% Tea Tree Compound Essential Oil Moisturizer Faical Oil-control Acne Treatment Remover Anti Scar Spots Face Skin Care. 

100%Tea Tree Compoun  Essential Oil Face Care Skin Acne Treatment Oil-Control Blackhead Remover Anti Scar Spots Facial Beauty



Product efficacy

Acne remover, blackhead, acne, scar , spots Oil-control Anti-ageing  Whiteing

How to use
Face  drop 1-3 drops into the cleanser, moisturizing, lotion, cream, and mask

care the hair
Drop 3-5 drops into shampoo, conditioner, or scalp massage.

Take a bath, bath, soak your feet, etc

Incense, steam, perfume, spray, spray, etc

Warm tip
This product is not allowed to be used, pregnant women should use caution, avoid light and water, and keep warm, please keep it in a place children can't reach.

Due to the different skin characteristics of each person, the adaptability of different skin care products is different. Before using the new product, it is recommended that you try the skin after your ear. If there is any discomfort, please stop using it

Net weight 10ml/piece

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