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Purpose of eyeshadows:

Eyeshadows are used to give illusion, dimensions and depth to the eyes of the wearer. Give glamorous enhanced looks to the eye by complementing eye hues.20200808_125535_6c63cc75-e801-4718-b804-e4f7a85ece3a.jpg (823×696)

Eye looks larger due the illusion created by different pigments applied and blended together and draws attention towards your sleepy dark eyes.20200808_130204_3f12a72a-578d-4467-ab17-add8479a248b.jpg (823×657)

Eyeshadow Composition:

The basic composition of eyeshadows contains diluent also known as base filler that is talc and mica and some eyeshadows use kaolin clay instead of talc. Some binding ingredients such as zinc compounds or magnesium compounds are used so that eyeshadows stick to the eyes for a longer duration.20200808_130204_3f12a72a-578d-4467-ab17-add8479a248b.jpg (823×657)

Types of eyeshadows:

Eyeshadows comes in different hues, glitters and textures. Forms contain cream, mousse , powder, pencil, liquid or in gel depends upon the need of the user.20200808_130204_3f12a72a-578d-4467-ab17-add8479a248b.jpg (823×657)

Our Product :

The palette is made with a smooth shimmer and matte texture powder of 18 colours. Easy to mix and high pigmentation. Either with the brush or finger can you mix or overlay your eyeshadow. On different occasions it can always bring different creative appearances. Like party, festival of music or date. To please all eye makeup trends, the palette gathered 18 common colours.Capture_7f8f1baa-37ae-4132-9de1-473b0cd05656.jpg (571×566)


  • Palette is made of smooth shimmer and matte texture powder in 18 colours.
  • High pigmentation, and quick to combine.
  • You can easily mix or overlay your eyeshadow with brush or finger whatever.
  • To please all eye makeup trends, the palette gathered 18 common colours.
  • They are both durable and long-lasting and have no need to think about smudging.
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