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Neutrogena Clear and Soothe Toning Mist 200 ml

Neutrogena Clear and Soothe Toning Mist 200 ml

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Neutrogena Clear & Soothe Micellar Jelly Make-Up Remover works even on waterproof make-up and calms stressed and sensitive skin. A gel-like makeup remover with skin-friendly turmeric and micellar technology effectively cleanses your skin, and fights impurities. Soothes and balances sensitive skin- for a supple and healthy-looking skin.veygmblwdlgf.jpg (258×760)

  • Removes waterproof make-up without leaving any residue.
  • Oil-free micellar jelly.
  • Gently cleanses, fights impurities.
  • Developed with dermatologists.
  • Suitable for normal and sensitive skin.
  • Non-staining and non-comedogenic.clear_soothe_micellar_jelly_1-min.jpg (980×980)

Directions to Apply

  • Dispense the makeup cleansing gel onto a cotton pad.
  • Gently massage it over the face while keeping eyes closed.
  • Wipe your face clean with a cotton pad, cosmetic cloth, or tissue.
  • Rinse excess micellar jelly off if desired.
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