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YdbY Liquid Liptints Ice Cream Pack of 6

YdbY Liquid Liptints Ice Cream Pack of 6

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Description :

YDBY Ice Cream Liquid Lipstick Lip Gloss has a very good moisturizing effect, which can always replenish water to your lips and keep your lips moist.

These liquid lipsticks have a bright color that makes your lips look more attractive and more three-dimensional. These are waterproof and you can keep beautiful lip makeup for a long time.

  1. Premium quality
  2. Moisturizing effect
  3. Beautiful & bright colors
  4. Makes your lips look more attractive
  5. Keeps your lips moist
  6. Long-lasting & waterproof


  1. Exfoliate your lips. Dry, dead skin is often what makes your lipstick look rough and uneven, so slough it off before you apply any color. ...
  2. Add moisture. ...
  3. Finish up the rest of your makeup. ...
  4. Use lip liner to get the perfect shape. ...
  5. Apply your matte lipstick. ...
  6. Blot lips on a piece of toilet paper.


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